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Ana Maria Daza-Clark

Editor. Latin America.


Ana Maria has a law degree from Universidad Catolica Boliviana and she is member to the Bar in La Paz, Bolivia. PhD (c) in International Law (Dundee University), LL.M in Law and Economics (Utrecht University) LL.M. in Comparative European and International Law (Maastricht University). For several years, Ana María was Legal Officer and Legal Director at the public utility regulatory system SIRESE in Bolivia, where she advised on appeals by investors and consumers in the sectors of telecommunications, hydrocarbons, electricity, transport and water supply. Currently, she is a teaching fellow of International Economic Law (WTO Law and International Investment Law) at University of Edinburgh and couches the ELSA moot court team. She is a consultant for AACNI. Ana María has extensive professional experience in administrative procedures, dispute settlement and economic regulation. She has also a keen interest on international trade and WTO Law. Currently, Ana Maria conducts research on international investment law, international investment agreements (BITs, FTAs), investor-state dispute settlement and natural resources governance, especially water resources management and water services regulation.



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