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The Arbitration Watch aims to be a meeting point for practitioners, arbitrators, academics and, generally, for all those who have an interest in arbitration. We encourage anyone to contribute to our journal by submitting articles, case summaries or news related to arbitration. As a non-profit driven project, no fees are charged to subscribers or paid to contributors. For all those who wish to submit materials, the first step is reading our Style Guide.   



All materials should be written in English in a clear and concise manner. They should relate to fresh issues, not older than three months prior to your submission. A short format is required. Exceptionally, case summaries may take longer, but never more than 350 words each. A logical structure must be followed: a tittle, an introduction, three to five paragraphs, and a conclusion. A link to the original source is always appreciated. All materials are parceled in 3 sections:


  • News: This includes events of general interest to the arbitration community, like the opening of an arbitration centre, the reference to statistics or reports, the appointment of institutional boards, a press release, etc.

  • Laws & Treaties: This section reports the ratification of a convention, the signature of a treaty, the entry into force of an act, the repeal of a municipal statute, and, generally, anything with an impact on the legal framework of arbitration. 

  • Court cases: Judicial decisions, whether international or municipal, are reportable provided that they relate to arbitral matters. Ideally, the name of the parties, the date of the decision and the organ of the judiciary must be disclosed. 

  • Articles: Articles on arbitration are very welcomed irresepectively of size or structure. They will be posted online in the "Archive" section of the website.



By submitting materials you, the Contributor, agree and authorize us, the Editors, to transcript, copy, edit and/or reduce the lenght of your submissions, and acknowledge responsibility for the accuracy of your materials. We reserve the right to accept or decline the publication of your materials. If accepted, your materials can be published in the journal, in the "Archive" section of the website, or in both. If your material is published, we will mention your name, affiliation and contact details, including a link to your website and email, in the "Contributors" section of the journal, as well as in the "Contributors" section of the website. At all times you can request the removal or non-disclosure of your details. By submitting materials all Contributors agree and accept these Contribution Terms, as well as the Terms & Conditions.

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